Mother and daughter to open ‘dream’ salon

Mother and daughter to open ‘dream’ salon in busy market square


A new high-end salon is set to open in Hadleigh after being forced to close after just 12-hours in business due to the coronavirus outbreak.



Double Take salon, in partnership with Aveda, will open its doors to the public in July after their planned opening was scuppered by the Covid-19 outbreak.

The new salon in Market Place is a family affair, owned by mother and daughter duo Diane Taylor-Matthews, 51, and Charlotte Taylor, 29. The shop’s symbol shows a silhouette of Miss Taylor’s identical twin daughters and the name, Double Take, is a nod to the sisters.

The new high-end salon was due to open on Mother’s Day in honour of Mrs Taylor-Matthews’ mum who sadly died 13 years ago of ovarian cancer, but only managed to trade for 12 hours.

The new business had to cancel every hair cut which had been booked and only sold beauty products.

Inside Double Take Salon

However, the mother and daughter are now preparing to open for real, with over 50 appointments already booked.

Mrs Taylor-Matthews said: “We have tried to open once and sadly that didn’t work out so we are really excited to get going for real this time. We were going to open a salon six years ago, but then Charlotte became pregnant with twins so we had to put it on hold.

“I was getting a bit bored of the corporate world and the girls are now in school so I said to Charlotte it’s now or never.”

With support from their partner Aveda the pair have been told they can open again on July 4.

With guidelines from the hairdresser’s union, when the salon is reopened, workers will be wearing appropriate PPE and there will be a 15 minute clean down between customers.

They will also be running a one-in one-out texting system.

“Aveda has been brilliant,” added Mrs Taylor-Matthews.

“It will be a different way to open and we won’t be making lots of money but it is good to get going.

“Hadleigh is an ideal location because there are lots of weddings going on around there.

“Primarily the location is great and it’s great to work around our family. The market square is ideal because there is ample free parking behind and in front of us and also in the High Street. It’s just a lovely little square. It’s lovely at Christmas with the fair.”